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Yanagawa Shoji Co.,Ltd
4-5-1 Minatojima, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0045, Japan
TEL. 81-78-304-7701
FAX. 81-78-304-7703

Yokohama Office
201-1 Shin-Yokohama IC Bldg.
3-18-9, Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, 222-0033, Japan

Q & A
Are those machines in the list your stock?
- Yes, most of them are our stock. The machines are located in our stock yard in Osaka (Kobe).
What is FOB?
- FOB means free on board. This price includes machine cost, custom clearance fees, handling charge only. The shipping cost is not included in FOB price. The cost for washing the machines, disassembly, and any other additional work required shall be added on to this price.
***For each service and charge, please refer to the list below.
Can you quote us the machine to delivery port?
- Yes, we can quote the machine based on CIF (cost, insurance and ocean freight charge included in the price). Please ask our sales representative for CIF price. Import taxed and port charges at your side, any other extra cost for visa etc are not included.
What kinds of transportation systems are available?
- We usually transport the machines by roll on roll off vessel (=Ro-Ro vessel). If the machines are small enough to load into a container, the container shipment is also available. For your reference, our closest port is Osaka port and Kobe port in Japan.
When can you deliver the machine?
- We usually deliver the machine within 30days after your payment. However, it depends upon the shipping schedule and your payment. For further the shipping schedule, please ask our sales representative.

The following is the estimated traveling time from Japan port to

Hong Kong about 5 days to 10 days
Bangkok about 10days
Vietnam about 20 days
Australia about 20 days to 30 days
New Zealand about 20 days to 30 days
U.S.A (WEST COAST) about 14 to 20 days
U.S.A (EAST COAST) about 30 days
MEXICO about 20 days
Middle East about 30 days
Europe about 30 days
What kind s of payment methods are available?
- We accept payment by telegram transfer remittance before shipment. Also, we accept payment by L/C at sight. (L/C means a letter of credit. Payment undertaking given by a issuing bank on behalf of a buyer. Payment and delivery of machine will be assured with L/C. Please contact with your nearest bank for more details.) If you arrange the payment by L/C, you will receive all the shipping documents through L/C issuing bank.
How can we confirm that you will really ship the machine?
- Once the machine is shipped out from Japan, a shipping company issues B/L (bill of lading) which certifies that your machine is laded on board and will be transported from the place of receipt to the place of delivery. To receive your machine from a shipping company, you have to have original B/L.
Once machine arrives at the destination port, you will receive arrival notice from a shipping company. We will advise completion of shipment by faxing (emailing) B/L copy with other related shipping documents. (Original B/L will be sent by express courier service)